MoonLanding Exhibition

M o o n L a n d i n g   E x h i b i t i o n

MoonLanding is a collaboration between myself, Arran Stamper, India Pearce, Rachel Donaldson, Ann Macleod and Emma Rhodes. The concept was to go on an fictional, observational, drawing trip to the moon. This evolved into an exhibition of work both produced, and inspired by the field trip, by ourselves and many other illustrators. Together we curated, produced and organised the MoonLanding.

My main role was very much logistical, organising the venue, communicating with the artists and curating the space. The exhibition was held in Edinburgh College of Art’s Sculpture Court, a large and impressive space that hadn’t held an illustration exhibition for many many years. Armed with a zero pound budget we were able to raise money for our exhibition through selling Moon themed work at a Zine fair. I was in charge of finding contemporary but budget exhibiting methods, which included creating a walk way of hanging transparent prints from the two story ceiling, using stone bricks as  print weights, cabinets for displaying research and sketchbooks and hanging a giant ‘moon’ from the centre of the exhibition.

Click here for my Official flag of the Moon
Click here for my MoonRock
Click here for my Screen Print Moon flags
Click here for pictures of the field trip to ‘The Moon’.

Scroll down to see some pictures of the opening night and the exhibition set up.